About The Visual Chain

The Visual Chain is an Art, Photography, Digital Arts Blog which aims to include interesting news, tips, links, articles, interviews for and about artists and photographers.  It will cover the wide range of the arts with a focus on the Visual Digital Arts and also including Photography, Photomanipulation.  Please email us with questions and suggestions.


3 Responses to “About The Visual Chain”

  1. I have a great photographer in our gallery, Alicica Hoogveld, that I would like to have you feature on your blog. Get in touch: gb@galeriestgeorge.com. Thank you! Gary Brant, Director Galerie St. George – New York

  2. Dear Michael

    My partner and I have developed something we believe will change the way artists, galleries and art buyers view art online forever.

    Our new software GalleryCentric will allow galleries and artists to create online exhibitions easily and fast.
    Galleries can expand their space and show more artists than they currently have the time or space for.
    Artists can show prospective galleries and clients how their art will look in a gallery, showing their relative sizes and scale to a real space instead of a 2 dimensional magazine style webpage. GalleryCentrics interactive capabilities make it an ideal showcase for multi-media artists too. 

    Art buyers can have the pleasure of being able to fly around the gallery and view art at any angle and distance, at their own pace. Its fun, and a much more engaging experience than even the most sophisticated 2d online galleries.
    Best of all.. it’s affordable, we have made sure of that.

    GalleryCentric can be embedded within your own site quite easily,or we can create a website for you. If you don’t want a website your exhibition can easily be viewed on your own page, from our website. It is fast to download and you can wander around viewing the work all in one space, much the same as in a real art gallery, but you can be at home in your pyjamas.

    This is a first in the world and actually allows you to create exhibitions in minutes and preview them within seconds, you can do all this before you pay a cent and it runs on both mac and pc.

    Please go and look for yourself http://www.gallerycentric.com

    Best Regards

    Peter Worrall

  3. Oh my god enjoyed reading this article. I added your rss to my google reader!!

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