About Michael Dykstra

Michael Dykstra is an emerging photographer and “photo artist” who creates colorful, vivid and unique pieces of digital art.  His most recent projects have included studies of light in his “Light and Color” series of work, and water, which resulted in a number of new pieces on display in his portfolio.  He’s also taking a crack on this blog with whatever free time he has, so give a shout out if you can.  He’d love to meet new people from around the country and the globe interested in all things photographic and artful!

Light and ColorLight and Color Impressions

Water Rings Art | Water Drop PhotographyWater Rings

Michael Dykstra on Photoshelter

Michael Dykstra on DeviantArt


3 Responses to “About Michael Dykstra”

  1. like your work!!! fantastic!! you’re going places for sure!!!

  2. Love your amazing work! Would love to feature you on Whopple.com. If interested, email me please. (Hope it’s okay to say that in a comment.)

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