Interviews with Four Artists

I haven’t posted in some time because I’ve been quite busy.  I’m back in action and had the idea to post some interesting interviews with artists.  I’m a sucker myself for good interviews with artists (also scientists).  I could sit back for hours with a bowl of popcorn and watch them, if they are well done of course.  These are and they are quite interesting.  I’ve linked to them here for your enjoyment and edification.

Gregory Crewdson – If you haven’t seen or heard about his work it’s really fascinating.  He is a photographer that works more like a movie director than a photographer.  In fact I don’t really know if he’d call himself a photographer.  He comes up with elaborate ideas for staging photo shoots.  Very very different than the way most of us work.  Again, something so fascinating about photography.  What do you think about his work?  His style and method?

David LaChapelle -Interesting to see hm work with his team.  Stages what you might call elaborate almost comic like scenes.  I like something he says.  Something like “…photography doesn’t have to stop there, I can make it whatever I want it to be.”  Good lesson there hey?  Don’t just do what everyone else is doing.  What are your thoughts?

Eve and Marilyn – Eve Arnold photographed Marilyn Monroe as much if not more than any other photographer.  From Ovation TV – “American photographer and journalist Eve Arnold delves into her relationship with Marilyn Monroe, whom she photographed possibly more than any other photographer. This documentary explores the general relationship between a photographer and her living subject, as well as the specific task Arnold accomplished in capturing a cinematic icon.”  Interesting……

Sally Mann- Really fascinating.  Sally Mann uses a really old technique using glass plates to create photographs.  Among her work is a study of civil war battlefields, using a technology used at the time of the war.  You have to see how she works.  Wow, what a difference from we digital folks.  Fascinating!


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