My Own Gallery – In 3D – WOW!

Recently I had the opportunity to check out a new service and ingenious new tool for artists, galleries, and anyone wanting to present their artwork to the world on the Internet.  It’s called “GalleryCentric“, and basically it allows you to create your own exhibition within a 3D gallery space and present it to the world.  Anyone clicking on your gallery link gets to see your selected pieces right inside a 3D gallery room.  The visitor can move around and see your pieces as if they were viewing them in a real room.  It’s really so cool!  You have the ability to upload your chosen files, size them appropriately, frame them, and describe them.  When someone “walks around” your gallery room they can take a guided tour if they wish.  There are  various rooms and room sizes available for your online exhibition.  You can even do things like change the wall color when you design your gallery exhibition.  The site and their software system is relatively new but things worked beautifully for me when I set up my own 3D exhibition.  I can see how this will become one of ways I present my work to the world.  Of course this service comes with a fee but it’s well worth it given what you are getting here.  Now I have my own museum quality gallery room right on the net.  Too cool!

Check out my 3D gallery exhibition:

Michael Dykstra 3D Gallery Exhibition – “A Flow of Color and Light”

Michael Dykstra 3D Gallery on Gallery Centric


2 Responses to “My Own Gallery – In 3D – WOW!”

  1. Yeah, this is pretty cool. What a great find. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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