An Incredible Artist – Marina (aka piombo)

One of the things I really like about DeviantArt ( is how easy it is to find and view the portfolios of some absolutely incredible artists.  Sometimes I find myself clicking around from one message to another persons favorites, back to another journal article, then into someones favs again, and then I’ll find something amazing.  After gallery surfing like this a few days ago I came upon the work of Marina, aka “piombo” as she’s known on DA.  After a few minutes of admiring her galleries I faved a few things and added her to my watch list.  A couple days later she posted a journal article (another really cool feature available at DA) where she posted some video of her during the process of painting.  I figured I’d take a look and ended up being mesmerized as I watched a time lapsed video of her using acrylics to turn a blank canvas into a stunning portrait of a beautiful girl.  I had to feature her on my tiny little blog since she deserves all the attention she can get.

Two of my favorite pieces of hers are below and you can watch the videos of her painting by clicking on them on the right side of the page —->  over there 😉

You can find Marina’s portfolio over on DeviantArt here:

Hope you enjoy!  Thanks piombo!!!


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