is Deviously Brilliant

First I have to admit I have become, in a few days, convinced of the complete brilliance of DA, otherwise known as Deviant Art (  I’d be considered pretty new on the art scene, as well as the Internet art scene. But recently I had been spending a lot of time trying to create a presence for my work and connect with other artists and art appreciators.  At first I ignored DA since my initial take was that it was full of teenagers drawing anime.  I ended up returning and spending more time getting to know the site and its community.  I’ve been around the internet and I must say it is the most elegantly, and intelligently designed web system (the word “site” does not suffice) I’ve ever used.  It’s user interface is wonderful, its tools incredibly well designed and well thought out.  And the goal of creating a community is met wonderfully.  I LOVE this site.  After spending time creating a profile on a few other sites I’ve decided it does not make any sense for me to work anywhere else.  Seriously.  I might post a few things on some other sites but as far as community, networking, etc., there’s nothing else like it.

I wont go into detail about all their tools, but suffice it to say you can create, network, chat, journal, read , write, post, purchase, sell, review, critique, be critiqued, and way more all on DA.  If you are an artist and you haven’t checked it out yet you must!

In the first few days on DA I was able to create several new calendars which showcase some of my new work wonderfully.  Here’s an example of what you could be doing in a short period of time.  I hope you enjoy 🙂

Dark Water - Calendar 2010

Wild Water - Calendar 2010

Water Drops on White - 2010 - Calendar


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