Hello Internet Art World!

You know, I wondered if there was a need for another blog about the Arts.  I thought about it for awhile and realized what better way to slip in some shameless self promotion once in a while.  I’m being honest here.

What we’ll try to create here is an interesting, entertaining and informative blog about the Visual Arts.  Photography, graphic design, the work of some fascinating artist you’ve never heard of before, someone showing off their new work, announcements.  There’s a lot that will be fair game but it’s got to be readable and INTERESTING.

In this first post I wanted to share an interview with a young artist who pushes the edges of what is acceptable.  His medium  is graffiti.  He started by working in the streets.  It’s fascinating to see him in action, to see his work and see what the links in the creative process are for him. His name is David Samuel, he’s from the UK and his story is in the video right here. 🙂  Please enjoy!!!!


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